Corporate Healthcare Services

Construction Site Nursing

NURSE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR PROVIDING BASIC FIRST AID, EVALUATING AN EMPLOYEE’S HEALTH AND PROVIDING INITIAL DIAGNOSIS ON MEDICAL CONDITIONS, MAINTAINING EMPLOYEE HEALTH RECORDS. nurse is responsible for providing basic first aid, evaluating an employee’s health and providing initial diagnosis on medical conditions, maintaining employee health records, as well as appraising the safety and health hazards in the work environment. He or she may conduct thorough physical examinations on an employee in order to establish preexisting medical conditions or determine physical ailments acquired in the workplace. The occupational health nurse inspects the work area and equipment used by personnel for safety compliance, generates detailed reports on safety conditions, educates employees on preventative measures against occupational hazards, promotes healthy living and working conditions, provides counseling and support, develops health and safety policies. The nurse will perform important duties such as,


. The nurse will perform important duties such as:
- Ensures effective and efficient implementation of company rules and regulation, quality policies, system and procedures.
- Stores, administers and monitor first aid treatments on injuries, accidents and other health related illness.
- Conduct regular examination and check-up of employees.
- Prepares report on maintenance of accurate nursing and medical records and up to date client’s case notes.
- Monitor project manpower.
- Do a walkthrough/audit at project site, canteen, barracks of workers.
- Monitor subcontractor’s first-aid kit.
- Assists the emergency response of the project site.
- Attends to daily consultations of workers and employees on site.
- Acts as a first aider on-site.
- Documentation of medical records.