Corporate Healthcare Services

School Nursery Services

Naturally, school nurses work to promote a healthy school environment Beyond promoting health and safety for students within the school facility during the school day, they also encourage students to maintain healthy habits and behaviors when they are not in school. These nursing professionals are also responsible for identifying both actual and potential health problems, providing case management services, and collaborating with educators, school officials, students, and families to ensure students respond positively to their environment and develop normally.


Main duties of school Nurse are:
- Provide healthcare to students and staff
- Perform health screenings
- Coordinate referrals to private healthcare providers
- Serve as liaisons between school personnel, family, and community healthcare providers to ensure a healthy school environment
- The Nursery Nurse duties mainly:
- Feeding suitable meals, snacks and drink
- Changing nappies or helping with potty/toilet training
- Teaching general life skills, such as basic hygiene and manners
- Working with any health and social care professionals, where necessary, and undertaking any relevant admin/paperwork.