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Qitaf For

Home & Non-Home Healthcare Services

Qitaf for Care and Services provides Home and non-Home health care services to the citizens and residents of the State of Qatar. And because we believe that the health of the client is our primary objective, we provide the best

Nursing Skills

Administrative Expertise

Operational processes that guarantee highest levels of satisfaction

Our Mission,Vision

And Values


We believe in our ethical role toward the client, so we provide high-quality nursing and healthcare services through an able and professional team that adheres to the highest standards of services that result in the highest levels of customer satisfaction, and we strive to be an effective component in achieving the national health strategy.


To become Qatar's First provider of nursing and care services, as well as Home and non-Home health care.


- Quality of services
- Accountability
- Commitment


Why Choosing


Quality and Competitiveness

We guarantee competitive prices that correspond to the level of service required.

Skill and Competence

We provide you with a diverse Healthcare practioners that is licensed by the Qatar Council of Healthcare Practitioners (QCHP) and professionally trained to meet the specialized client requirements without any administrative hassles on your part.

Focus on the beneficiary

We ensure that our services are based on the beneficiary of individuals and businesses in order to ensure that the experience before, during, and after the service meets the desired level of customer satisfaction. This is accomplished through professionalism in dealing with the client's administrative and medical levels.

Working Hours

7/7 Days & 24/24 Hours

Contact Details

+974 7744 0740 | qitaf.ms@gmail.com